Getting a VPN for Your Smart TV Is Easy

Did you know that you can get a VPN for your TV? If you have a Smart TV, you can use VyprVPN to improve streaming speed, access geo-blocked content and maintain your privacy while streaming online. Our TV VPN app works on a variety of Smart TVs, is easy to download and use and comes with 24/7 customer support. With VyprVPN you’ll have everything you need to ensure safe and private streaming. Follow the steps below to get started with a VPN app for your favorite Smart TV.

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1. Sign Up for an Account

Signing up is a cinch and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can try VyprVPN risk-free. Just enter your email address and preferred payment method to get started.

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2. Download the TV VPN App

With easy-to-use VPN apps for all of your desktop and mobile devices, VyprVPN is simple to download on your preferred device.

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3. Connect to VyprVPN

You are all set! Log in with your credentials and start enjoying VyprVPN service instantly.

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Easy to Use but Powerful Enough for Whatever You Need

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VyprVPN for Android TV

Utilize the VyprVPN TV App or share a VPN-protected network to your TV to encrypt your TV device and defeat throttling.

Learn more about VyprVPN for other Smart TV devices here.

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Unblock Regional Content

Bypass location-based blocks imposed around the world and appear local to any of our global VyprVPN locations. Access worldwide content at any time or any place.

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Improve Your Streaming Experience

Use VyprVPN with your smart TV to improve your streaming speeds, access geo-blocked content and maintain security while streaming online. Achieve the best streaming experience with VyprVPN.

"So far so excellent! All I wanted is watching Australia TV (while not in Aust) and I have got what I wanted!"

- Sarah